Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Webinar mit Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Das letzte Webinar auf englisch zum Thema Ritual-Magie des Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® mit Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin war mit 67 Teilnehmern aus 18 Ländern aus der ganzen Welt sehr gut besucht.

Wegweisend für den Golden Dawn in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, hat der Alpha+Omega-Orden vor kurzem unsere virtuellen Tempel mit Live-Video/Audio-Funktionen aufgerüstet, mit einer maximalen Kapazität von 500 Teilnehmern.

Begleitet uns am Samstag, den 24. November 2012, um 21:00 Uhr für ein besonderes Webinar in deutscher Sprache, direkt geführt vom Mutter-Tempel des Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® in Pahrump, Nevada (USA).

Klickt HIER  ,um in den virtuellen Tempel von Alpha Omega, am  Samstag, 24. November 2012 um 21:00 Uhr einzutreten.

Alpha Omega
Wir machen Magier!

Imperator David Griffin des
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Introspection and the Higher Self

So, folks....i've been posting nothing for a long time now and iam sorry for the few fans i have of this blog. I hope you all still stay tuned.
The reason for not writing for so long is that i have been involved in a deep phase of introspection and retirement, both magical and analytical, and the outcome of this and the conclusions i draw are often so personal that i feel it is counter productive to share, seeing that everybody has its own individual way of pesonal development and i dont want to spoil the process for those who are "lesser" developed by giving answers that everybody has to conquer for him/herself.
Nonetheless, i think it is time again to share a little bit.

Its a fact that i feel i have made quantum leaps in self knowledge throughout the last two years, and the credit goes to the wonderful magical system of the Golden Dawn, as well as to my experiences as a client on the couch of my analyst.
One fundamental thing that i had to learn is that i had many false ideas and misconceptions about
myself as a person, and how i interrelate with the world around me.
Magically, this is the process that the advancement on the path of PEH, which is connected to ATU XVI, The Tower, has set in motion.
The lightning flash of higher reason that destroys outmoded beliefs, ideas and conceptions. Conceptions that hinder the process of true knowledge.
This can come as a shock, but this shock can change into a feeling of deep relief also.
Many of the insights i have got through this have thrown me into a critical phase of doubting my whole belief system and inner motives and led me to the question of what i really want to be and achieve in this world and reality.
What has really thrown me into a dark night of the soul, a phase of inner conflict that is crucial to true inner development, was the realization that i am much more a robot of inner conditioning and fear and impulses to avoid those many fears (the hydra that raises its many heads to nearly all areas of life!) than i ever thought or wanted to truly admit before myself.
I learned that you have to be very attentive and watchful in every second of your life and that it needs a great deal of honesty to accept your own faults and flaws.
But the realization of fear is the first step to overcome it or at least to handle these forces in a more healthy and careful way.
To learn that you are a robot, a slave of automatic consciousness and conditioning, is a tough thing. Especially when you consider yourself a spiritual person and somebody who wants to attain the Light and be a perfect servant for a higher Will, the Will of the One-All!
But already Buddha taught that the first step towards Freedom is to accept that Life means suffering, and that suffering comes through attachment.
And attachment can also mean holding on to outmoded infantile survival techniques and infantile self images that stand in the way between you and your divine Genius.

So, i learned a great deal about me on a very mundane level through my analytical process.
I learend that it is often good to allow oneself a certain maneuvering room between the first impulse and reaction.
Because the first impulse to the many negative situations in life is, alas, often fear!
Most of the people are driven by fear.
Fear is such a fundamental emotion. But it is the best way to face all your fears, without holding back anything, because this is the way how it can be conquered and transformed.
Then, fear can be a very useful guide and teacher.

On the magical side i learned that the attainment of knowledge and conversation with your Guardian Angel, not to speak of the perfect and constant embodiment of it! is an ongoing process and much more far reaching than i ever wanted to believe.
To bring the divine spark to full bloom in ones body and consciousness IS the attainment of the inner Stone.
And between the final attainment, the Summum Bonum, and the beginning of self transformation as with a well designed magical system like the one that is practised in the Golden Dawn, are many intermediary levels, although i understand the process to be a continuous and natural one.

On the slighty-above-average level the Genius speaks to you through your unconscious, through dreams, sudden intuitions about spiritual and magical principles (gnosis) and higher reason.
When you want to know something from your Genius, you have to be attentive, because the way His answers are revealed can come through seemingly mundane channels also.
Sometimes speaking to an outsider can reveal a very important key to something, or sometimes you get hold of a book that reveals an answer and causes a sudden flash of insight.

The most fantastic revelations are of course those that come totally unexpected.
Sometimes you ponder for weeks about some alchemical passage you have read and not understood, and suddenly, in a split second, the veil is lifted before your eyes and you understand some principles in such a profound way that you have never dreamt of before!

This is what true gnosis is about, and during the last months i have been blessed with some wonderful insights about the true nature of magic and alchemy that i now truly believe that the greatest teacher and master is residing IN YOURSELF.
An order and a teacher can give you the tools for learning the language of the secret forces of nature and your consciousness, and can ignite fruitful conditions in your soul and thereby preparing the acre by initiation, but the real answers come through personal gnosis. At least at the level where i am now.

The other thing that i have learned already many years ago, after having performed the famous Bornless invocation several times, and what i am still about to learn is that knowledge about my Angel comes through the establishment of ever more healthy boundaries between myself and the world around me.
And this is perfect in line what i have been taught about the Sphere of Sensation and what magic tries to achieve with it.
Which implies a paradox, because the aim of Theurgy is to purify oneself from the innate flaw of separateness, the realization of the One All inside!

And this is why certain mysteries cannot be told, but only experienced and conquered by constant labour.

Yours in the Light,
Fr.:. L.:.

Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Who cares for the lamp of the all pervading One Power?

It was after years of travelling through the wilderness, enduring many hardships that were meant to refine both my inner nature and my relation towards the Sole and Most High Lord, that i came to a desert that was the lonliest place in all of the worlds.

It consisted of nothing but sand, strechted from infinity to infinity, and no creature or plant was living there.
There was only permanent night extended over this deserted plane, and the sight of myriads of stars and galaxies sending their light down on it as the only sign of hope i could reach for.

But eventually i found a lonely tent in the midst of this desert.

It was foursided, and supported by pillars on every corner, and had curtains in deep blue with golden stars on it.
On every side it had three golden pennants extended from its roof.

Although i could find no entrance, i managed to enter it by prayer, and when i was in i found that the inside was circular shaped, and there was nothing in it but a little burning oil lamp in the midst of the floor and a Being that was sitting in front of it, caring for the Light to never extinguish.
I was desperate to see the face of this caretaker, but was informed by intuition that his countenance has to remain in darkness this time.

When i was asking him for his mission he revealed to me that he was installed by the Lord to care for that Light, and i saw him playing with the reflections and shadows that it threw on the walls.

Then i lifted my eyes towards the roof and found that i could pierce through it and stare into the majesty of the starry sky.
And suddenly my whole being was lifted up into space and i trembled before its immeasurable vastness and glory.
Then i beheld a woman clothed in shining gold, bearing a torch with a dazzling golden flame.
She was so full of beauty and grace that no word can describe it properly.
And she was walking in a circle, lifting her torch up high, and the beam of the torch was wandering through all the fixed constellations.

While she was walking i saw her face turning older, but by no means loosing its grace.
It was turning from old to young to old, in an endless fashion of unspeakable beauty.

The caretaker told me that the mystery of Time is that it is a circle, and a circle has no beginning and no end, and that the Lord has designed it as this in order that mankind is wandering through Aeon after Aeon, from Black to Gold in an endless round, and that nothing was ever meant to come to an end.

So i was thanking the Lord in an ardent prayer. I was attesting that iam infinitely small and I was praying to become a better man, and that the cloud of unknowing is falling from my eyes, and that by His grace i may eventually attain the most glorious medicine, not only for the refinement of my own nature and the salvation from my sins as a mortal, but for the betterment of all mankind, and to the glory of His Ineffable Name.

Ben Gamuret,
Summa scientia nihil scire-
World without ends.

Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Can you imagine magicians outside the blogosphere?

Sorry, folk, for not having posted something for so long.
Iam quite lazy regarding this blog at these times.
Although iam a fan of most of the bloggers who belong to my Order, and also of one blog of a certain gentlemen that does not belong to my Order, but who seems to work in a similar tradition, iam quite fed up with the flame wars, bickerings and ego-show-offs that go on at the occult blogosphere.
Following this means unnecessary distraction, at least on my part.

I better concentrate on serving my Order and the Temple i belong to and on working to become more than human, which is the Great Work. And iam working quite hard on that.

Iam totally tired of magicians with profile neurosis and people who have not yet learned the lesson that spiritual pride is such a common obstacle on the path to attainment.
Seeing attitudes like this simply makes me yawn.
And believe it or not, there are magicians and adepts out there who dont even care about whats going on at the web! This is a revelation, huh?
Even most of the brethren in my Temple dont care for the on-goings at the web, and they do a good job in not caring but instead focussing on their magical development!
And to be honest, i think the adepts and Chiefs of my Order are much more polite and welcoming to "outside" GD orders and magicians than i would ever be.
For me, it WAS NEVER a question of belonging to the right or wrong Order.
When i got initiated back in 2003, i knew i now simply belong to THE Golden Dawn, nothing more and nothing less. I didnt need any proof. My initiation was proof enough.
And IF i would have needed proof afterwards, there would have been MANY instances, instances that were and are so precious to me that i would not even think about talking about them publicly.
Well, iam quite traditionalistic, and iam very strict in regards to secrecy, because i believe secrecy to be a necessary seal INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY when hoping for success on the path of transmutation.
To all the people out there who call themselves magicians in the Golden Dawn tradition, but have nothing better to do than trying to undermine the magical authority that gleams through the bits and pieces of revelations that were made publicly here at the web, and on behalf of my Order, i simply refer to to the fox in the fables of Aesop, who wanted to enjoy pears he saw on a tree.
But when he realized that he could not reach them, he simply went on to rant about their bad taste.

This all does not mean that i want to give up this blog.
I simply need time to re-think what i REALLY want to say, because there has already been said so much and also true things by other people.
Neither do i want to keep this as a magical diary, nor do i want to debate on subjects where others already have been quite competent and eloquent.
I dont want to re-invent the wheel, and at the moment i dont want to even discuss my Magic, but instead focussing entirely on my practise, experience and internalization.
I also dont want to let the public follow my hardships or breakthroughs on this difficult path.
And it IS a difficult path. The more you progress, the more tricky and subtle the obstacles and tests will become.
Well, i have some ideas on my mind what to say here, but they are not ripened yet.
I have time. I hope you have time, too.

And till time is ripe i advice you all to KNOW YOURSELF.
This is part of the herculean task. While Theurgy is a great means to develop higher and divine consciousness in a safe manner, i know from experience that it does not cover up the whole business of knowing yourself.
You can attain divine consciousness on a regular basis and STILL suffer from dysfunctional behaviour without even knowing that.
There are other tools to cover up the business of knowing yourself entirely, so use it, because
it is in vain that the wine of Gods is poured into broken vessels.

A bit bitter today,
your Ben Gamuret.
Summa Scientia Nihil Scire

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Side adventures

Today i have several things on my mind which i think are worthy to share.

One thing, for example, that fascinates me since long, is how to bring statues to life.
As you can imagine, i have a few egyptian statues at my home.
My main Deity which i have since 7 years is constantly cared for.
I regularly anoint his chakras with Abramelin Oil we made as a side project once.
I visualize him growing large in space, with all his colours and attributes, and vibrate his name into him.
I BREATHE life into him (try this with Godforms you use for your Magic).
You can also combine this perfectly with the Vibratory Formula of the Middle Pillar.
For egyptian Deities the coptic spellings work best, of course.
I also offer him food, worship him, pray to him, read paragraphs from the egyptian Book of the Dead, light special coloured candles, burn special incense, sometimes combined with the planetary day and hour to which this God is attributed.
All this has the effect that subtly and slowly but nonetheless unmistakingly the statue begins to develop an Aura and to radiate energy.
Through all this, the statue becomes an easy focal point for contacting the power behind.
Certainly it would have the best effect when the statue is not treated like a statue, but as the Deity itself, but hey, thats a hard nut to crack for most that are brought up in a cultural environment like ours.
But nonetheless, this Magic is really simple.

Another thing that i use sometimes is the application of the Z formula for protection for my house.
This may sound silly, but iam convinced it works.
More than one time it happened that some visitors have not found my bell, although the description to find it was clear. Later on it turned out that it was quite good that these people did not find it!
And i dont mean the over elaborate workings á la Regardies black brick.
For what i mean you just have to be able to sit down and use your visualisation skills.
There is one power in this formula that can be extended like a protecting shield over the borders of your apartment or house.
You can use this also for giving energetical comfort to people in trouble, of course only when they want it or ask for it.
You can also install astral guardians on your doors.
By names and images are all powers awakened.
Or draw an invisible pentagram on your doorstep, and this is pretty much folk Magic.
Not that iam paranoid or have over valuable possessions in my house, by the way.
For the most part its just the fun of creating my own magical castle, or so to speak.
But i also live in an area where burglary gets more common.
It already happened to some neighbours in my apartment block, and well, caution is the mother of wisdom.

I am anyway pretty much attracted by the practical side of Magic these days.
I know what it means to practise Theurgy, and i know that constant practise makes the master, but i also know that the more practical or thaumaturgical side of Magic is a huge field that i only have touched here and there.
For finding practical applications of Magic (apart from the creation of talismans by ceremonial workings) you not only have to dig quite deep in the theoretical documents of the First Order, but you also have to do research outside the system.
I think the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorasch could be used for spiritual as well as for practical purposes (and in fact i think they were exactly meant for that), but i cannot fight the feeling that their publicly known and published sigils are corrupt.
Because of that i started to do some experiments with their hebrew names and psalms only.

I have also done some research in folk magic and am totally fascinated by the pagan traces that are still alive where i grew up.
But i better leave this for another posting some day.

Summa Scientia Nihil Scire,
your Ben Gamuret

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Effects of a well functioning Egregore

One thing that astonishes me more and more is how perfectly in line and attuned are the minds of members who work closely together for a longer time, even if the characters are totally different.
Well, you certainly know this from close friends. E.g. you think of a friend, and at the very moment your phone rings.
But i experienced this to be on a much more advanced state amongst co-workers on a magical level.
We often dream similar things at the same night, mutually block our telephone lines or ponder about similar topics and come to the same conclusions, and this works even across the continents.
It also happened more than once that when something is going on across the ocean, at a time when we are sleeping here, we dream correspondingly.
How far from being a dead tradition is this, then? Lots of Laughter!

But well, everything can be refined endlessly.
Just think about something i read at Agrippa's- the experiment of sending information by moonlight.

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

The purpose of Theurgy

In everything there are two poles, especially in human consciousness.
Human consciousness can be regarded as operating on one scale, having two opposite poles, or opposite extremes of one and the same thing.
The one end is our individual consciousness, or unprocessed Mercury.
The other end is consciousness of the One Self, or Mercury of the Sages.
The purpose of Theurgy or Lunar Magic is to "simply" achieve a gradual shift in consciousness towards the realization of the Divine, which is already hidden inside us, because Man is the hermetic Arcanum.
This is the herculean task.
The more fixed our sense of human individuality, the more tedious the Work will be.
But a continuous purification of the metals will lead to a purification of perception towards the other end of the scale.

In classic alchemical tracts the alchemist is often demanded to search and look into the mysteries of Nature instead following obscure procedures laid down by so-called puffers.
This kept me wondering for a while.
I thought things like: shall i study agriculture now or go with reading glasses through meadows studying the interplay of flowers and bees and things like that?
But then it dawned upon me that the nearest and most obvious and easiest thing for me to study is human nature.

There are two substances mingled and conjoined in every human being and it is said that this conjunction is relative loose and can be solved by Art.
These two substances go with many many names.
It is Mecury and Sulphur, Water and Fire, Moon and Sun.
Translated to the body its blood and heat.
At the level of consciousness its Spirit and Soul.

These substances trapped inside the body cause a feeling of seperate identity.
A new born child does not have this identity.
And a child is generated by a process not unlike coction.
When the child is born, again a process not unlike gradual coction will produce this identity sooner or later. The older it becomes, the more fixed this identity will be.
And it is again a process of coction that helps to overcome the obstacles that are formed by the personality itself and to attain the famous Ravens head.

I can imagine that there are ways that work faster towards this attainment than others.
Its all a question of which Fires you use in your Work.

It is said that Mercury is everything that the Alchemist needs.
It is also said that Nature enjoys herself, and Nature overcomes herself.

So what are we doing when we train our minds and bodies with techniques for which we only need our mind?

Thought of the day.
Oculator Abis,
Frater L.e.N.e.